Page extent: 72
ISBN: 9781783193134
Binding: PaperBack

In the Night Time (Before the Sun Rises)

Nina Segal

PaperBack (04 Feb 2016)
A baby cries. A bottle breaks. A window smashes. Over the course of one night, mum and dad try to still their screaming infant – but as the hours grow longer, the world becomes elastic around them, and the horrors that scar our planet crash in to the baby’s room. Should they ever have brought this child into such a wounded world?

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ISBN13 9781783193134
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 72


'Everything falls away and a monstrous, shitty truth, masquerading as absurdity, takes charge. The familial and the horrific are so tightly wrapped here that they begin squeeze the life out of each other, but Segal's play is a resilient one...Witty, bold and confrontational play which is as smart and funny as it is provocative.' The Stage

'The script contains moments of almost poetic clarity, with acutely accurate observations of life’s struggles, joys and disappointments dotted around like Lego bricks hidden in a thick carpet.' Exeunt

'The play graphically suggests that there is a continuum of violence between private and public spheres... Nina Segal turns a baby’s nursery into an arena where an anxious couple explore private nightmares and global catastrophes... her play radiates a chilling promise.' Michael Billington, Guardian

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