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In Extremis

Neil Bartlett

PaperBack (07 Nov 2000)
On the night of 24th March 1895, Mrs Robinson, a society palm-reader, agreed to see Oscar Wilde in her London flat. Wilde’s lover, Lord Alfred Douglas, ‘Bosie’, was urging him to sue the Marquis of Queensberry (Bosie’s father) for criminal libel. But Wilde’s friends, wary of Queensberry’s power, were warning him to leave town. In Extremis reveals the strange turmoil of that night, as a man at the height of his fame turns to a complete stranger for advice about a potentially life-changing decision.

In Extremis was first presented in November 2000 at the National Theatre alongside De Profundis to mark the centenary of Oscar Wilde’s death.

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ISBN13 9781840022056
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 56