ISBN: 9781783190652
Binding: PaperBack

In Doggerland

Tom Morton-Smith


"You know when a song gets stuck in your head? Round and round ... over and over. I've got that right now ... only it's not a piece of music ... it's not a tune ... it's a phrase: home is where the heart is ... home is where the heart is."

A coastline erodes, a house falls into the sea. A mysterious brother and sister arrive looking for answers. Marnie clings to her camera, taking photographs of strangers and places. She has come to say goodbye to a life she never knew whilst her brother Linus is keen to make a fresh start. But when they find Simon and daughter Kelly, reeling in the wake of tragedy, all four lives are to become inextricably linked under the weight of the past.

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ISBN13 9781783190652
Binding PaperBack


 ‘Morton-Smith’s uncanny ear for dialogue, perfectly capturing the randomness of everyday speech as well as the way people reveal information about themselves, and a touching, unshowy denuement, demonstrate that this is a theatre company to watch and a writer in ascendance.’ The Stage

'Manchester-based company Box of Tricks know how to pick their writers; Tom Morton-Smith's script is both poetic and philosophical, a thoughtful meditation on the impact of loss. ' Four stars - What's on Stage

'Such emotive subject matter could easily feel sensational or prurient, but Morton-Smith's careful handling gives rise to a lyrical character study of ordinary people burdened by exceptional circumstances. ' Guardian

'Philosophical, attentive and poetic, Morton-Smith has set up a complex tale of the fragility of identity and the burden of loss.' A Younger Theatre