Page extent: 72
ISBN: 9781783199419
Binding: PaperBack


Oladipo Agboluaje

PaperBack (23 Jul 2015)

An ordinary school day.

But today, there is no going home.

When the rest of the world has forgotten your existence, where do you run when the Apocalypse looms? The dock? The navy base? Or do you just sit tight and ride the whole thing out?

In a city overcome with death, we are finally forced to start living.


A provocative and darkly comic new play, by award-winning playwright Oladipo Agboluaje, exploring our technological dependency, social resilience and the need to belong

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ISBN13 9781783199419
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 72


'Agboluaje writes with a sharp, satiric eye.’ Guardian on The Estate