ISBN: 9781840028737
Binding: HardBack

I'm a Minger!

Alex Jones

HardBack (14 Jul 2008)

Kelly, right, Kelly the bitch decides to have a party on the very same night as my sleep over - the very same night! And I know she's done it on purpose. And she invites everybody - absolutely everybody...except me of course... I want to die! I'm such a minger! Welcome to the world of 14-year old Katie as she battles her way through the bitches, the chavs, the misery of school discos and the desperate search for a worthy boyfriend. A turbulent and triumphant tale of a totally troubled teen, I'm a Minger! opened at Theatre 503 in late August 2008.

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ISBN13 9781840028737
Binding HardBack



'Alex Jones writes with fury, passion and compassion about those whose voices are seldom heard' Financial Times

'For a middle aged man to write a one-person show about a 14-year-old girl requires a stretch of the imagination, but not many would be brave enought to play the part themselves. Undaunted this is what writer and actor Alex Jones does here, to remarkable effect... beautifully written. 4/5' Birmingham Post

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