Page extent: 96
ISBN: 9781849430715
Binding: PaperBack

I Am the Wind

Jon Fosse

PaperBack (22 Apr 2011)

The wind gathers, rising up suddenly.

Two men on a fragile boat, a trip to sea – a few drinks, a bite to eat – when one of them decides to push on to the open ocean. Suddenly there they are: among the distant islands, the threatening fog and gathering swell of the sea, bound together on an odyssey into the unknown.

Jon Fosse’s work includes novels, poetry, essays and books for children. He is one of the most produced playwrights in Europe and his plays have been translated into forty languages. Oberon Books publishes Nightsongs and The Girl on the Sofa, and his other plays in the following collections: Plays One, Plays Two, Plays Three, Plays Four and Plays Five. Plays Six is forthcoming in 2012.

Oberon Books also publishes The Luminous Darkness: The Theatre of Jon Fosse by Leif Zern (translated by Ann Henning-Jocelyn).

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ISBN13 9781849430715
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 96


"I wonder if I understand Jon Fosse’s play. What I do know is that Patrice Chéreau’s production at the Young Vic constitutes some of the greatest theatre I have ever witnessed. A rapturously rhythmic and beautiful translation by Simon Stephens." – Independent

"This play is fresh forlorn and haunting… Simon Stephens’ translation finds Fosse’s sardonic humour as well as his chiming, lapping rhythms. I was thrilled by its epic intimacy." – Sunday Times