Page extent: 110
ISBN: 9781783198979
Binding: PaperBack

Hurling Rubble at the Sun / Hurling Rubble at the Moon

Avaes Mohammad

PaperBack (14 May 2015)

Hurling Rubble at the Sun

That side of town. July 2005. One blistering night. One blazing day. T labours over hot-plates cooking up the final ingredients for his mission while his mother labours over a hot stove, cooking up his final meal. Wearied by staring into all-consuming retribution, T reaches out to her seeking fresh insight. Desperate to be folded into her bosom once again, instead he’s thrust onto a course of his own design, but with a force far greater than his alone.

Hurling Rubble at the Moon

This side of town. The first years of the millennium and Skef’s dad is back. Reliving his glory days on the terraces, he stands shoulder to shoulder with his son for the first time as they give it to the Asians. For Skef this isn’t about reliving bygone glory but reclaiming all that’s fast being stolen by the new insidious scourge all around. But, committed to battling this enemy within, he’s in danger of soiling the very thing he’s fighting for by violating the very thing he loves.

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ISBN13 9781783198979
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 110


'Nationalism, multiculturalism, terrorism, the future of the human race: all relevant and vital, yet the Bradford-born playwright Avaes Mohammad is too elegant and humorous to make a meal of it. He takes this gnashing subject adn releases it into the minutiae of the everyday'. The Times

'Avaes Mohammad, with wise understatement, aims simply to put the spotlight on this cultural schizophrenia, asking what it might mean to live as a young man in a working class northern town where racism is rampant... If the point of the double bill were to create an idea of simple cause and effect between BNP elements and Islamic fundamentalists, then it would fail. Yet Mohammad simply, and effectively, shows how the colliding of worlds is part of a wider problem.' Time Out

'A current and engaging double bill that shows extremism under a realistic, everyday even light.' Plays To

'Nearly a decade after the 7/7 bombings, Mohammad demonstrates, in a blunt, unabashed fashion, the delicacy and complexity of culture clash and national ideology... Expect horrific violence, easy humour and painfully emotive silences to rub shoulders like sardines.' The