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ISBN: 9781840021134
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Holy Mothers

Werner Schwab

Translated by Meredith Oakes
PaperBack (27 May 1999)

The holy mothers are three ordinary women. Their lives are grotesque and their fantasies are lurid. In a world full of problems, what can anyone do but have a bit of fun?

Erna, Grete and Mariedl watch the pope on TC then settle down to discussing Erna’s dreadful son, Grete’s dreadful daughter and Mariedl’s unusual vocation. Why does Herrmann refuse to have intercourse? Why did Hannelore get herself gutted like a chicken and emigrate to Australia? And why doesn’t Mariedl wear rubber gloves? The three women start dreaming of what life could be. If only one person’s dream didn’t have a way of turning into another person’s nightmare.

This horrifically funny masterpiece, with the German title Die Prösidentinnen, signalled the meteoric rise to fame of the young Austrian, Werner Schwab (1958-1993). 

Cast sizes: 3+

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ISBN13 9781840021134
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 56