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Hobson's Choice

Tanika Gupta, Harold Brighouse

PaperBack (30 Jun 2003)
Widower Hari Hobson has a successful dress-making business and three daughters. The oldest, Durga, is the brains behind the operation.

'Can't we choose husbands for ourselves?'

I've been telling you for the last five minutes, you're not even fit to choose dresses for yourselves.'

But when Hobson says that Durga is too valuable to lose and must give up all idea of getting married, she takes her fate into her own hands and starts her own rival shop nearby.

Tanika Gupta's new version of this classic 1916 comedy sets the play in a modern day Salford Asian community, giving a new generation a chance to enjoy the play's sharp wit and charm.

This version of Hobson's Choice was performed at the Young Vic, London, June - August 2003.

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ISBN13 9781840023831
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 96