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ISBN: 9781783199075
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Here Be Lions (Hic Sunt Leones)

Neil Bartlett, Stéphane Olry

PaperBack (08 Jun 2015)

For two years Stéphane Olry sporadically shared the daily life of the patients and caregivers at the hospital for multi-handicapped children in La Roche-Guyon. Children aided by complicated apparatuses, children without access to language whose inner life remains unknown for us. How can this troubling and nevertheless joyous journey at their side be related?

Stéphane Olry plunges us into a thick fog. Deprived of vision, the spectators are surrounded by voices, intonations that are sometimes documentary, sometimes mysterious and shapeless. They weave a landscape in which the concrete environment of the work and relationships at the hospital is turned upside-down by the sensitive experiences of the dancers and “child-bodies”. Probing a world deemed inaccessible, to attempt to fill a blank space. Like the Latin cartographers who wrote in the spaces of the yet unexplored deserts: hic sunt leones, here are the lions.

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ISBN13 9781783199075
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 80


'An audience’s attention is rapt. And therein lies the point. It is as if Sandrine Buring (the performer) is part of a human zoo. It is possible to stop thinking about her as a human being, and instead analyse her in terms of light and bone and flesh. It is painful. The question is asked, how can a person communicate with someone who cannot communicate in the ordinary way? How can making them into an object, then be avoided?' Theatre Bubble  ★★★★