Page extent: 96
ISBN: 9781840022759
Binding: PaperBack


Douglas Maxwell

PaperBack (31 Mar 2002)

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Helmet (a.k.a. Roddy) lives his life completely immersed in computer games. The little time he has away from his consoles is spent in The Zone, a low tech games shop, which has just this very day gone bankrupt. Sal, the down-trodden owner of The Zone, is left wondering where it all went wrong. The shop is Sal's prison, but it's Helmet's church. As they get to know each other, hiding from reality for a while, it becomes clear that Helmet has a secret that could make things a lot worse for both of them. Helmet is structured in levels like a computer game, in which each character has three lives. A production involving art graphics projections and effects, Helmet toured in 2002, including performances at The Traverse, Edinburgh and the Soho Theatre, London.

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ISBN13 9781840022759
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 96


"Immediately involving... I wanted to see the whole thing again at the end'" - Guardian

"Clever, funny, vivid, poignant, endlessly ingenious... its success is guaranteed" - The Scotsman

"Maxwell's writing is sharp and funny" - The Times