Page extent: 72
ISBN: 9781786820952
Binding: PaperBack

Heads Up

Kieran Hurley

PaperBack (21 Feb 2017)

A teenage girl boils up in rage in a toilet cubicle. A finance worker preaches doom in a busy train station. An absurd coke-addled celebrity races through town on a mission. A paranoid stoner stares blankly at the endless disasters on the TV news.

In just one moment, all their worlds will end.

Winner of Best New Play at The Critics' Awards for Theatre in Scotland 2017

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ISBN13 9781786820952
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 72


'Kieran Hurley’s new solo show is a quiet hurricane blowing through the city... Like Hurley’s previous show, Beats, this is superb storytelling theatre. It shares something in common with Christopher Brett Bailey’s This Is How We Die, but Hurley’s vision of the apocalypse is one fuelled less by rage and more by a quiet sorrow. He’s giving us the heads up – only we have the power to make the connections and changes that could avert disaster.' Lyn Gardner, The Guardian ★★★★

'bleak and brilliant... it has its own compelling poetry... Hurley infuses this hour-long piece with pain, prophetic intensity and a brooding soulfulness.' Henry Hitchings, Evening Standard ★★★★

'Heads Up is angry, but also mordantly funny, in its sharp depictions of the small everyday indignities, frustrations, and paper-cuts of modern city living. It reminded me of the acutely observed yet ferociously powerful storytelling of Kate Tempest: a modern fable that pins down the sickness of our cities, that chronicles our contemporary neuroses. An absolute highlight of the fringe.' The Independent ★★★★

'Hurley writes with a shrillness that's maddening as a mosquito's whine, upping the frequency as he goes. That's what makes this theatre, not literature. The words go to work in the room: a high-def film plays out in your head; the rhythms bore into your brain... Offering hope through reconnection, Heads Up suggests that the end of our world – as inconceivable and terrifying as it seems – might just be necessary. It might be the start of a new one.' WhatsOnStage ★★★★