Page extent: 96
ISBN: 9781840024937
Binding: PaperBack


Jonathan Hall

PaperBack (01 Jun 2004)

Four guys are trying hard to make it in the bizarre world of British porn. For Robert, rapidly approaching 25, being in a porn film is something that's always appealed, up there with paragliding, to be ticked off ‘the wish list' before it's too late. To Kevin, committed struggling actor, well, it's just work -a way of showing his dramatic versatility: ‘ a straight man in a gay film, what could be more versatile than that?'

Martin, new to London, new to the scene, sees it as a bit of a laugh with a shag thrown in. It's left to Craig, veteran of two previous films to put them right: to dispel their illusions about the raunch and the glamour, and to prepare the boys for the huge gulf between the watching and making of pornography.

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ISBN13 9781840024937
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 96


"Sharp and entertaining...the succès de scandale of the Edinburgh fringe" - Mail on Sunday

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