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ISBN: 9781840029550
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Arnold Wesker

PaperBack (04 Sep 2011)

Mattie Beancourt, a 61- year-old woman, reads the autobiography of Mark Gorman, a famous painter. Having grown up in the same East End streets she writes to him. A correspondence develops.She visits him unannounced, and discovers he lives in near poverty and neglect. Her personality is sunny, his is curmudgeonly. Their impact upon each other is startling.…

I was an appendage for him. Something stuck on, but not special. He didn’t need me. There was never any real passion there. To live a whole life knowing you were not special for anyone…craving it… to be loved and special. Just once in my life, before I die…

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ISBN13 9781840029550
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 96