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For the Reckord

Barry Reckord

PaperBack (26 Oct 2010)

Includes the plays Flesh to a Tiger, Skyvers and The White Witch 

Barry Reckord’s place in the history of black playwriting in the United Kingdom unfortunately has been almost unrecognised previously. Reckord was among the first modern Caribbean playwrights to have work produced in England. As a Jamaican abroad in the '50s and '60s he laid a solid foundation for later emerging Caribbean playwrights such as Trinidadian Mustapha Matura, Guyanese Michael Abbensetts and Jamaican Alfred Fagon in the '70s, all of whom appreciated how well Reckord’s work had paved their way forward.

No scripts of Reckord’s impressive body of work have been made available previously, many incomplete manuscripts exist but this is the first complete volume of Reckord plays. Here we present three, each from a different decade. These are ‘Flesh to a Tiger’, ‘Skyvers’ and ‘The White Witch’, each with an introduction by a prominent authority on the subject or author.

Barry Reckord (1926-2011)

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ISBN13 9781849430531
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 280