ISBN: 9781783191796
Binding: PaperBack

Flying into Daylight

Ron Hutchinson


'Wherever Tango leads, you must follow.'

Virginia has a decision to make: whether to continue withthe comfort and security of her mundane British life or to gamble – to walk out on everything she knows, get on aplane, travel seven thousand miles to Buenos Aires and learn the Tango. Sometimes you have to follow your feet. And your heart.

Flying into Daylight is a vibrant, life-affirming journeyto a place where music can change your life forever.

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ISBN13 9781783191796
Binding PaperBack


'A convincing and enjoyable love letter to the tango, which comes to life in the sensual, shadowy world of the milonga.' The Stage

‘A journey of self-discovery, a meditation on what makes life worth living and a damned good story which opens up a world which most of us know little or nothing about.’ British Theatre Guide