Page extent: 80
ISBN: 9781786820037
Binding: PaperBack

Five Guys Chillin'

Peter Darney

PaperBack (01 Aug 2016)

A graphic, gripping, funny and frank verbatim drama exposing the chill-out chem-sex scene. “Wanna pair of shorts? Shot of G? Line of Meth?” From surgeons to students, couples to kink; guys that love it and lost guys longing to be loved. An original look into a drug-fuelled, hedonistic, highly secret world of Grindr, and instant gratification.

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ISBN13 9781786820037
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 80


'Darney’s 5 Guys Chillin’ is a triumph: a slippery, confrontational and urgent look at loneliness, discontent and how violence pervades (what we believe to be) our desires... 5 Guys Chillin’ isn’t an easy watch (in fact it’s tragic to the extent it’s traumatising), but it’s certainly a necessary one. Expect to feel empty and actually just quite upset at the end, even if the world of chemsex is entirely alien to you. It’s powerful material, delivered by a powerful cast – and I highly recommend it... packs a punch.' Arthurs Seat ★★★★

'The very best theatre makes the audience think, provokes a reaction deep within you, and 5 Guys Chillin' does all of that. You cannot see it without having a visceral personal reaction to it. It lingers, it stains and it's phenomenally powerful stuff.' Steve Stratford, blogger

'The piece [takes interviews] and moulds them into a one-act naturalistic play, as five men gather for a chill – and this is where the conflict in so much verbatim theatre lies; there’s a delicate balance to be struck between the veracity of the interviews, and the dramatic action of the play. 5 Guys Chillin’ manages to achieves this balance with integrity...  There an absolute realness to this party that you don’t see very often on the stage. They aren’t just pretending to have a good time; they’re completely convincing in it. Every detail is considered... The power of 5 Guys Chillin’ however, is its emphasis on the characters within it and not the audience watching. It would have been easy for Darney to play to the viewers, and though we’re invited in by the natural humour and poignancy of the piece, we’re never pandered to. The audience are merely invisible spectators to the scene... In all, 5 Guys Chillin’ is a contemporary and crucial production. It’s well-crafted, convincingly performed and with a notable commitment to the genre of verbatim theatre. Exeunt

‘As confronting as theatre gets’ British Theatre