Page extent: 272
ISBN: 9781840023961
Binding: PaperBack

Feydeau: Three Farces

Georges Feydeau

Translated by Peter Meyer
PaperBack (01 Nov 2003)

Georges Feydeau, once considered as purveyor of slapstick farces, is now accepted as France’s best comic dramatist since Moliere. He once said that to make people laugh you have to place your cast in a dramatic situation and then observe them from a comic angle, but they must never do or say anything which is not strictly demanded, first by their character and secondly by the plot. 

Includes the plays Fitting for Ladies, A Close Shave and Sauce for the Goose.

In Fitting for Ladies, a man on the look-out for a new romantic rendezvous is mistaken for a dressmaker...

In A Close Shave, a woman's would-be lover has to assume the identity of her artist husband, who is about to be called up for military service.

In Sauce for the Goose, a man discovers that the woman he is pursuing is the wife of an old friend...

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ISBN13 9781840023961
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 272


‘Peter Meyer's canny translation [indicates] how this is also a story of female revenge against the sexual double standard… [includes] one of those delirious middle acts in Feydeau where the entire cast descend upon some louche establishment and fiendishly complicated shenanigans ensue.’ Independent