Page extent: 96
ISBN: 9781783194957
Binding: PaperBack

Fever Dream: Southside

Douglas Maxwell

PaperBack (23 Apr 2015)

High summer in Glasgow’s Southside and a heatwave bears down on the residents of Govanhill, driving them off the streets. Tensions are running high and fantasy and reality are becoming blurred. Fighting to reclaim their neighbourhood, the lives of a sleep-deprived new parent and his civic-minded wife begin to unravel. Meanwhile an ambitious Hutchie boy, a pair of young missionaries, a performance artist and her alter ego and an unscrupulous property manager, are forced to confront their monsters. Fever Dream: Southside is a surreal comic thriller and major new production by Glasgow-based writer Douglas Maxwell.

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ISBN13 9781783194957
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 96


'Its brilliant theme is city life, as embodied in the Southside of Glasgow...delivered with terrific energy and wit...far more vivid, timely and true than a whole fistful of shows that are more tasteful, more shapely and almost instantly forgotten.' Scotsman

'It's funny and adventurous... Fever Dream: Southside is a hymn to human solidarity.' Guardian

'The play has some hilarious moments and witty local observations... Magical realism gives us a strange window into the lives of some seemingly quite unreal characters, and an imaginative set evokes important local landmarks. Though steeped in local references, the play is still enjoyable for those who don’t know the area. Thoroughly entertaining throughout'. TV Bomb

'One of the finest plays to emerge from a Scottish working-class story in the last ten years' The Scotsman (on Decky Does a Bronco)