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Murray Gold

PaperBack (31 Mar 2004)

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Katherine is creating a "quiet space" in her living room. Complete with fountains, Muslim artwork and a statue of Ganesh. Or, at least, that was the plan seventeen weeks ago when Leo, Jakey and 15 year old Bizzey turned up to make her dream reality. Now she thinks she may be on the edge of a nervous breakdown. Or murder. Or both.

Her city type boyfriend, Michael, is trying to be one of the lads, Jakey's turning criminal and Leo's starting to cut corners.

Murray Gold's refreshing new play brilliantly demonstrates what can happen when personal territory is invaded and traditional class boundaries and faulty wiring are ignored. Electricity opened on the 26th March in the Courtyard Theatre (West Yorkshire Playhouse) directed by Ian Brown, with a cast including Christopher Eccleston, Andrew Scarborough and Sophie Ward.

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ISBN13 9781840024371
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 130