Page extent: 88
ISBN: 9781783198726
Binding: PaperBack
Female Cast: 4


Danai Gurira

PaperBack (23 Apr 2015)

It’s best to work with the system,and right now – the system is war.

2003, civil war is raging in Liberia. At a rebel army base four young women are doing their best to survive the conditions of the war. Yet sometimes, the greatest threat comes not from the enemy’s guns, but from the brutality of those on your own side. With the arrival of a new girl, who can read, and an old one, who can kill, how might this transform the future of this hard-bitten sisterhood?

Additional Information

ISBN13 9781783198726
Female cast 4
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 88


‘A surprisingly vivacious portrait of helplessness’ Washington Post

'Danai Gurira's remarkable play is an epic of war and suffering...painted with warmth, humour and rage...Deep, textured and told in urgent, lasting images... a phenomenal production... a considerable work of art.' Time Out London

'it pulses with life...Pungent, compassionate and defiant, this is angry, exhilarating theatre.' The Times

'Danai Gurira's vibrant, often funny and heartbreaking drama, exploring limited choices and multifaceted phsychological and physical strategies for survival, does not seem over-familiar... it's smart.' Lyn Gardner, Guardian

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