Charles Dyer

Veteran playwright Charles Dyer learned his craft as an actor, his first London appearance being in 1948 when he took over as Duke in Worms’ Eye View at the Whitehall Theatre. His first play “Who On Earth” reached London at the old Q Theatre in 1951, and ever since those early times, most Countries of the World have hosted his works. The eminent American Walter Winchell wrote of Dyer’s “Profound thoughts and emotions expressed with humour... People in the shadows discovering sunshine in each other”

Sir Harold Hobson (Sunday Times) coined the phrase The Lonely Trilogy to include ‘Rattle’ (Garrick Theatre 1962-3) and Staircase (RSC 1966-67), plays which have been in constant production throughout the years. Ofthe middle duologue, Hobson wrote: “In Mother Adam Dyer has written one of the few real tragedies of our time. .., ... It is more disturbing; it has deeper resonances; it is more beautifully written, with an imagination at once exotic and desperately familiar; it has a profounder pity, and a more exquisite falling Close.”

Charles is married to actress Fiona Thomson.