Page extent: 72
ISBN: 9781786821256
Binding: PaperBack

Dr. Frankenstein

Selma Dimitrijevic

PaperBack (01 Feb 2017)

Victoria Frankenstein is a brilliant, visionary young woman. It’s an age of enlightenment, a time when old orders begin to crumble and everything seems possible. Provided of course, that you are an English-man. Women are not allowed to study medicine in England, so Victoria travels to Bavaria to fulfil her destiny and become Dr. Frankenstein. Victoria’s experiments lead her to very brink of human knowledge, the secret of life itself. 

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ISBN13 9781786821256
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 72


'Mary Shelley’s novel has been so often adapted, filmed and parodied there can’t be many interpretative avenues left to explore. But Selma Dimitrijevic’s new version for Greyscale and Northern Stage is, to my knowledge, the first to change the gender of the central character. In certain respects, it seems an obvious intervention, given that the novel had a female creator. But it profoundly alters the trajectory of a book in which women are relegated to submissive, supporting roles... Dr Victoria Frankenstein is the gender-switched, life-creating star of Lorne Campbell’s radical and illuminating gothic reboot.' The Guardian ★★★★

'A pared-down plot and sharp direction makes for an absorbing two-hour version of Mary Shelley’s story, with fine performances throughout.' The Times ★★★★