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Double Nugget

Johnny McKnight

PaperBack (14 Feb 2012)

This pair of plays are from Scottish theatre company Random Accomplice, by Random Accomplice writer, Johnny McKnight & follow on from the success of their Smalltown tour.

Marymassacre ‘refreshing & original production …dark, funny & at times, very hard hitting…’ - The Irvine Herald

It’s where the fun of the fair meets a secret affair. On Irvine Moor, two women wait at the candy floss machine, both of them unaware how they’ll change each others' lives forever. These two women share a secret – a secret that will cause deadly damage on Marymass Saturday.

Seven Year Itch ‘...a tremendously vivid show, in which layers of narrative jostle together with such complexity and playfulness that it fairly takes the breath away... an unobtrusively excellent script that turns on a sixpence between looming tragedy and brilliant comic one-liners...’ - The Scotsman

Has the rut set in on what was once wonderfully described as watered down David Lynch? After all, who knew that working together was going to be so bloody hard. Join our hapless duo, stuck in their monotonous part time jobs wondering what could have been as they "grin and bear the dashed hopes of every wannabe who never hit the big time." Seven Year Itch is for anyone who thinks about shredding their co-workers' fingers, for the daydreamer looking at the stapler with murderous intentions and for the performers who keep forgetting their lines on stage.

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ISBN13 9781849431385
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 100