Page extent: 112
ISBN: 9781849434133
Binding: PaperBack

Doctor Faustus

Colin Teevan, Christopher Marlowe


Faustus’s restless quest for knowledge and his insatiable desire for notoriety drive him to make a pact with the devil in return for the power to perform the black arts. The life-changing decision propels him into a heady, celebrity-obsessed world, as magician and illusionist to the rich and famous. Quenching sexual desires as his power grows, he must question whether the price was worth paying.

This new adaptation combines Marlowe’s original acts with a re-imagining by Colin Teevan. Firmly placing this classic story within a present context, the universal truths held in the 400-year-old cautionary tale resonate powerfully with the greed of today’s consumer-led society.

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ISBN13 9781849434133
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 112



‘There is a wonderful sense that evil lurks in every corner’ Guardian

‘A thing of beauty to watch’ Independent

‘Faithful and clever’ The Herald Scotland

‘Catches well the hellish claustrophobia of our restless urges’ The Telegraph