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ISBN: 9781840024289
Binding: HardBack

Dick Barton Episode V: The Excess of Evil

Duncan Wisbey, Stefan Bednarczyk, Ted Craig

HardBack (31 Dec 1999)

Now Dick, famed for his stoicism, wicket-keeping skills and the way he handled the men under him during the War, is asked to do for Blighty something that is against everything he believes. Something that puts his life and those of his trusty side-kicks, Jock and Snowy, in peril like never before! Tune into Episode V as we introduce you to an Old Love, a New Femme Fatale and a New Villain - or is he?

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ISBN13 9781840024289
Binding HardBack
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"Judging by Tony Blair's remarks about the beleagured state of the nation, Britain is in urgent need of a hero. Step forward Special Agent Dick Barton, the square-jawed, stiff-upper-lipped radio adventurer and radio star in these musical spoofs at the expense of jingoism, snobbery and the BBC" The Times