ISBN: 9781840028744
Binding: PaperBack

Deep Cut

Philip Ralph

PaperBack (01 Jul 2008)

'Passing Out. Fantastic. Best day. Nothing's ever come close. All your mates around you and you're looking forward to your next step and our next step was Deepcut!'

18 year old Private Cheryl James from Llangollen was one of four young soldiers who died from gunshot wounds at Deepcut Barracks between 1995 and 2002.
Cheryl’s parents wanted answers from the people responsible for their daughter’s care. But how do you begin to grieve when no-one seems to have a proper explanation? What would give you the determination to continue asking awkward, demanding questions?

Taken from original source material and powerful first hand testimonies, Deep Cut is a bold and compelling account of one family’s journey through a time they thought they’d never experience, to places they hoped they’d never be.


The Cheryl Marie James Snowflake Tribute Fund can be visited here

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ISBN13 9781840028744
Binding PaperBack


"Proving that theatre can sometimes do what journalism has failed to, this remarkable show is essential viewing." - Lyn Gardner, Guardian

"Ralph has distilled this complex, clouded mystery to create an unequivocal case for justice. This is theatre at its most powerful, political and important." - Katie Toms, Observer

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