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ISBN: 9781840024807
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de Wet Plays Two

Reza de Wet

PaperBack (01 Sep 2007)

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Includes the plays African Gothic, Good Heavens and Breathing In

A farm lies in ruin. And with mother and father now gone, a brother and sister face eviction by an officious lawyer. Abandoned, they endlessly enact the rituals of punishment once visited upon them by their parents. Widely regarded as a milestone in South African theatre, the multi-award winning play African Gothic tells the story of their final 'dance macabre'. Despite overwhelming critical acclaim, it was also fiercely condemned by Afrikaans conservatives as being a subversive portrayal of repression.

Good Heavens is a comedy thriller with the dark poetic heart of a folk-tale. Two spinster sisters, with their ailing mother and simple-minded brother, await the annual visit of their youngest sister. Deeply envious of her beauty and youth, they hatch a diabolical plot to rid themselves of her forever.

In Breathing In, on a stormy night in the last bitter months of the Second Anglo-Boer War, a seriously wounded General and his faithful Adjutant encounter a mysterious woman and her seductive other-wordly daughter, and are confronted with the subtle methods of survival these women have been forced to adopt. Accustemed to the rigours of war, the corageous Adjutant now faces a terrible choice.

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ISBN13 9781840024807
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 220