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ISBN: 9781849431019
Binding: PaperBack

The Day The Waters Came

Lisa Evans

PaperBack (16 Oct 2010)

Winner of the Writers' Guild of Great Britain Best Play for Children and Young People 2011

It is summer, 2005, New Orleans. Maya Marsalis takes you by the hand, sometimes the throat, and leads you through her landscape the day Hurricane Katrina came, the levees broke, the world watched and the US Government did nothing. Go with her, as she shows you how her world and that of thousands of black American citizens changed forever, the day the waters came. A sister piece to Evans’ seminal play for young audiences Stamping, Shouting And Singing Home, this new play explores the environmental and social impact of Hurricane Katrina on the communities in New Orleans.

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ISBN13 9781849431019
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 96


'The Day The Waters Came is poignant, superbly directed and delivers 60 minutes of fast paced action that will leave you awash with sadness for those that survived at the blow of mother nature.' A Younger Theatre

'Though she has an audience of primarily teenagers and young adults in mind, Evans' play has emotional hooks for everyone. In an hour long performance it hammers home the catastrophe of the event with lyrical descriptions of the devastation. It forces one to stop and mull over not just the play, but what it divulged and affirmed. So Evans has succeed in creating a thought-provoking play that lingers and refuses to allow its audience to leave without making time to reflect.' 4 Stars. Spoonfed

'This is a powerful, essential piece of theatre of the most inspiring kind... Let’s hear it for imagination!' Extra Extra