Page extent: 96
ISBN: 9781783199914
Binding: PaperBack

Dark Tourism

Daniel Dingsdale

PaperBack (29 Sep 2015)

When a radio DJ overshares his sexual exploits on air, children's television presenter Becky Watson's life tumbles into a media storm. PR guru Richard Powell steps in to diffuse the situation, but he's already dealing with a fame-hungry reality star, struggling actress and aggressive tabloid journalist. Can he spin any publicity into good publicity? Dark Tourism asks the question how far will we go for fame and reputation, and how much of what we see in the media is actually the truth…

A biting cultural satire on media cynicism and the world of celebrity where you can go from nothing to everything and back again in the space of a YouTube video.

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ISBN13 9781783199914
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 96


'Roll up! Shudder as you savour the freakish world of celebrity PR agents, tup’n tell journalism, fake reality-shows, slut-shaming, and career dieting... What I like is the author’s skill and intelligence in presenting four distinct types of young female fame, each falling foul of prurient misogyny... I hope it finds bigger stages.  The author certainly will: not least because his willingness to work up narrative twists is refreshingly rare in a play so furious in its message.' Libby Purves