ISBN: 9781786821744
Binding: PaperBack

Dan O’Brien: Plays One

Dan O'Brien

PaperBack (30 Jun 2017)

The first collection from the multi-award-winning American poet and playwright Dan O’Brien, including the award-winning The Body of an American.

The Body of an American (2M)

Two actors embody more than thirty roles in an exhilarating new form of documentary theatre, against a backdrop of some of the world’s most iconic images of war.

The House in Hydesville (5F/2M)

At once an exploration of familial abuse and the need for spiritual transcendence, a compelling “true ghost story”.

The Cherry Sisters Revisited (5F/1M)

The five Cherry sisters’ love of the vaudeville carries them to the bright lights of Broadway. A provocative comedy with music.

The Voyage of the Carcass (1F/2M)

Trapped in the ice at the North Pole, only three members of the doomed Carcass crew survive.

The Dear Boy (1F/3M)

James Flanagan is not a kind teacher. Is he a good teacher? He likes to think so. An intimate and stirring character study of a man forced to face his past, his present, and the life he may still yet live.

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ISBN13 9781786821744
Binding PaperBack


“Dan O’Brien is a playwright-poet who, like a mash-up of Seamus Heaney and Dashiel Hammett, puts the audience in the middle of an unfolding mystery promising both revelation and terror, and delivering an equal measure of both.” Robert Schenkkan

“I run to Dan O’Brien plays. With absolute honesty and a poet’s language, play by play, Dan is laying bare the human heart—often his own— trying to understand the heart’s homelessness. With relentless courage, wonderful black humor and intricate narrative, Dan gets us where we most desire to go—intimacy. Dan’s life is proving to be our roadmap home.” Bill Cain

“The Body of an American is a marvel in elegant construction. A story full of unexpected twists and turns, it captures the nightmare of war and our attempts to comprehend it via a mass media designed to both condemn and celebrate violence. Dan O’Brien has written a brilliant gem of a play.” Eric Bogosian

Reviews for The Body of an American:

'The Body of an American is a play about writing a play but it’s also an intricate meditation on the nature of memory and guilt' Evening Standard

'A feisty docu-drama about Paul Watson...a fascinating mix of troubled and troubling biography and autobiography...holds you in a steely grip' Time Out

'An engrossingly subjective docu-drama which feels psychologically acute and politically important...a really superb piece of theatre.' Stage

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