Page extent: 74
ISBN: 9781783190676
Binding: PaperBack

Crowning Glory

Somalia Seaton


Crowning Glory brings together the stories of seven women to explore the meaning of identity and beauty in today's world.

This thought-provoking story is sure to make you laugh and cry, and will undoubtedly get you talking after the show.

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ISBN13 9781783190676
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 74


'Tackling the often vexed relationship that black women have with their locks, Seaton turns the work into an exploration of identity, ethnicity and belonging.' Telegraph

‘Angry, provocative, piercing and funny…. The writing is raw and rhythmic with a jagged poeticism. … undercut by a ferocity, compassion and intelligence. A heartfelt headrush of a play‘ The Times

‘this is a powerful piece that looks at how women of colour perceive themselves and are perceived; a commanding call to arms for women to redress the balance between homogenised ideas of beauty and levels of self-worth.’ The Stage

‘The controversial topic of how ethnic minority women (and their hair!) are perceived in Western society and the pressure to westernise their appearance is given glorious comic treatment … a refreshing and topical subject rarely tackled on stage and Seaton uses inventive ways of getting across her message.’ What's On Stage