Page extent: 191
ISBN: 9781840023619
Binding: PaperBack

Pascal: Crossing Jerusalem and Other Plays

Julia Pascal

PaperBack (18 Mar 2003)

Includes the plays Crossing Jerusalem, The Golem, Year Zero and St Joan

Crossing Jerusalem describes 24 hours in the life of an Israeli family in March 2002, as they cross Jerusalem at the beginning of the latest intifada. Over this 24 hours, personal and political history burst into the present. A complex family drama explodes in the most politically tense city in the world.

The Golem is inspired by the medieval Yiddish legend. This story, set in Prague, explores what happens when a monster is contructed to defend his community. This version is written for children.

Year Zero is a bitter-sweet satire inspired by interviews conducted in the north of France, where Communists, Gaulists, collaborators and those who were children during the 1940s, provided the original source of material. The play exposes the day to day experiences of the men and women who suffered or profited from those zero years.

Joan of Arc has, over five centuries, proved an irresistible and enduring icon for an extremely diverse group of people both within and without France. St Joan is a satire based on a Jewish Black Londoner who dreams she is the legendary Catholic Saint.

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ISBN13 9781840023619
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 191


'Sometimes funny, more often fraught, this is a powerful account of a complex issue.' The Arts Desk

'Intriguing' Time Out (The Golem)

'A dazzling cabaret that brings tears to the cheek' The Stage (Year Zero)

'sets the heroine against a remarkable sweep of world history, wittily highlighting the paradoxes and culminating in the Parisian National Front rally of 1995' The Stage (St Joan)

‘Pascal intertwines the personal and the political and shows that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict can be legitimately approached through fiction as well as fact’ Guardian

‘An insight into a strained and complex world of family ties, prejudice, religious obligation and above all humanity.’ East End Review

'“Timeless” is a word that is tossed around extremely frequently these days, but it is certainly the most appropriate word to describe Julia Pascal’s Crossing JerusalemThe Public Reviews