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ISBN: 9781783191543
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Chris Thorpe


Winner of a Scotsman Fringe First Award 2014

If you pinned me against a wall and put a gun to my head, I’d probably admit to being a liberal. Actually if you pinned me against a wall and put a gun to my head, I’d probably admit to being whatever you wanted me to be. And of course, putting a gun to my head is exactly what I’d expect from someone like you.

Confirmation is a show about the gulf between beliefs that we can’t talk across. About our knee-jerk dismissal of the opposing viewpoint. About the echo chamber of agreement and validation we live in. About the way we choose only to see the evidence that proves we’re right.

A new solo show from a multi Fringe First winning team: written and performed by Chris Thorpe (Unlimited Theatre, Third Angel), developed with and directed by Rachel Chavkin (The TEAM).

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ISBN13 9781783191543
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 72


'Confirmation is that rare and valuable thing: a piece that makes you alert to your own selective use of evidence and doesn't slide into a fuzzy lets-all-listen-to-and-understand-each-other–better sentiment. Instead, Thorpe challenges himself and us to be aware of our own bias and retain our passion and certainty, while ensuring that it is under-pinned with real evidence.' Lyn Gardner Guardian

‘Thorpe and director Rachel Chavkin energetically take a liberal Fringe audience to the edge of the abyss of belief and hang them over the side in a conversation for our times’ Independent

‘[This] show is a sly, slippery thing, tickling at the mind for long after… The real brilliance lies in the show's delicate plaiting of concept and form, theatrically grappling with its ideas at every level.’ What’s on Stage

‘Thorpe has created a fiercely intelligent and relentlessly curious piece that strives for he truth, even as it acts as a warning to the easily led.’ Herald Scotland