Page extent: 128
ISBN: 9781840025958
Binding: PaperBack

The Coming of Godot: A Short History of a Masterpiece

Jonathan Croall

PaperBack (22 Nov 2005)

FIfty years ago Sir Peter Hall directed the English language world premiere of Samuel Backett's Waiting for Godot. Now he has returned to this extraordinary classic, the quintessential absurdist piece that has become one of the most important works of modern drama.

Jonathan Croall, who had access to rehearsals for this landmark anniversary production, combines an account of this theatrical journey with an informative history of the play that has intrigued, baffled, provoked and entertained all those who have ever come across Vladimir, Estragon and the ever elusive Godot.

Foreword by Sir Peter Hall.

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ISBN13 9781840025958
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 128


‘I think the book is really excellent. I felt this when you let me read the pages, but now seeing it in its printed from, I feel it even more so. You have really caught the atmosphere of the work in a rehearsal room, and the way it is woven into the history of Godot is a remarkable achievement.’ Peter Hall

‘This slim but remarkable paperback follows Samuel Beckett’s modern masterpiece Waiting for Godot, from its first English production under the direction of Peter Hall in London 51 years ago, to its revival in Bath by the same director last year....The book provides a lasting memorial to its creation.’ Mark Shenton,

‘Jonathan Croall’s admirably succinct book proves that unlikeliest of non-fiction genres – a page-turner....Yes, read The Coming of Godot. Enjoy it for its exemplary clarity, uncluttered prose and numerous aperçus from the mouth of Godot’s many, far-flung interpreters, and the adventure that is the public life of a play that became a classic.’ Carole Woddis, Rogues and Vagabonds

‘Your excellent Godot book is so skilfully composed and eminently compelling to read. It is comparatively rare for those of us who are directors to learn how other directors work with actors. Thank you for a rich read – the performances of the play in prisons riveted me.’ James Roose-Evans