Page extent: 80
ISBN: 9781786825711
Binding: Paperback
Male Cast: 1


Yomi Ṣode

Paperback (29 Jun 2018)

Yomi Ṣode's hit show COAT tackles immigration, identity and displacement.

'I don’t know my grandparents’ names, how embarrassing is that? But I can name all of Kanye’s albums.'


Nigeria: a grandmother passes. London: a son cooks a pot of stew for his mother, hoping to uncover hidden stories and unanswered questions.

A humorous and moving response to the elders who leave the next generation uncertain of what is expected of them.­­­­­

Additional Information

ISBN13 9781786825711
Male cast 1
Binding Paperback
Page Extent 80


"Belongs to a growing body of work that is creeping up on the theatrical establishment, reasserting the dramatic power of the written word at a time when director’s theatre sometimes seems all-powerful... the secret ingredient remains a mystery – but it is undoubtedly there, and is what makes this show so special." The Guardian

"A charming peek into a life where, ultimately, food and love are overflowing." BroadwayWorldUK ★★★★