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ISBN: 9781840025064
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Cloud in Trousers, A

Steve Trafford

PaperBack (11 Oct 2004)

A play about the Russian Futurist poet Vladimir Mayakovsky, and his relationships with Lili and Osip Brik. A Cloud in Trousers takes you to a small apartmenin Moscow. Within these walls this extraordinary trio begin a troubled ménage-à-trois.

Inside they try to change themselves, to live out their revolutionary idea of free love, without possession, jealousy or selfishness. Whilst outside on the streets three million people are changing the world, turning it upside down in the Bolshevik revolution.

A play about an extraordinary artist, about love and possession, about the possibility of change both inside and out, A Cloud in Trousers was produced by Ensemble and opened at the Theatre Royal, York in October 2004.

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ISBN13 9781840025064
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 96