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ISBN: 9781786822208
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Clinging To The Iceberg

Writing For A Living On The Stage And In Hollywood

Ron Hutchinson

PaperBack (05 Oct 2017)

Wickedly funny, insightful, often absurd but always true, Clinging to the Iceberg explores the inner workings of the business of writing for hire. It’s written by someone whose career has spanned over forty years on stage and on screen, including thirty lucrative and sometimes uproarious ones in Hollywood. Genuinely laugh-out-loud, it will astound and inspire and along the way reveal the REAL tricks of the dialogue writers’ trade.

Hutchinson takes us through his successful career via hilarious anecdotes including a near-death experience on Venice Beach, being paid by Dreamworks to not actually work for them, and struggling to stay sane on location on one of the great movie flops of all time.

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ISBN13 9781786822208
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 180