Page extent: 64
ISBN: 9781786821584
Binding: PaperBack

Chigger Foot Boys

Patricia Cumper

PaperBack (21 Feb 2017)

Love, duty, death and dominoes make for an intoxicating cocktail in Chigger Foot Boys. Based on true events in the lives of Jamaicans who fought in World War One and set amid the banter in a rum bar near Kingston Harbour, four young men tell their stories of death and glory as the end of the British Empire looms.

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ISBN13 9781786821584
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 64


'In the dexterous hands of acclaimed playwright Patricia Cumper MBE, Chigger Foot Boys accomplished what a good theatrical production should by being bold, entertaining and enlightening. Indeed, Cumper’s year and a half’s research in both Britain and Jamaica shows; the play is jam-packed with little-known information on Jamaica’s involvement in World War I. And, without a doubt, she ably convinced why, ultimately, ‘chigger foot’ wasn’t a disparagement. Indeed, narratives like Mortie’s represented - poor, marginalised and voiceless - were stories which needed to be told.' Huffington Post

'At a moment in British history when the political discourse around the contribution of (at least part of) the immigrant population has never been more highly charged, Patricia Cumper's Chigger Foot Boys could not be more timely... The consequences of colonial attitudes and their prejudices are implicit, threaded through every heartbeat of her five fictional characters but never the sole focus, complicated as they are by the intersection of so many other things like cruel twists of fate and the full spectrum of human nature from its self-sabotaging worst to its soul-searching best, to create the rich fabric of their own narratives.' There Ought to be Clowns 

'[The] play observes the conflict through the eyes of five ordinary people, who meet at a rum bar in Kingston, Jamaica. The Chigger Foot boy here is Mortie, a poor country boy in Kingston who overhears the gossip about a war in Europe from others stranded in the bar during a storm... Cumper’s narrative slides through time and space to reveal the fates of each character, but her trump card is the language. The poetry of colloquialism and rhythm of dialect combine to establish a evocative sense of place and time...The themes of futility and loss are strikingly familiar but the perspective is wholly enlightening... Richly textured play delivered with clarity' The Stage ★★★★