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Chère Maître: The Correspondence of Gustave Flaubert and George Sand

Peter Eyre

PaperBack (15 May 2002)

Adapted by Peter Eyre from the translations of Francis Steegmuller and Barabara Bray.

After Sand's spirited defence of Flaubert's novel Salammbô in 1863, the two writers became friends. Both were excited by the attentions of the other, despite their difference in age, and their affection developed into eager and frequent correspondence. So began not a love affair, but a deep friendship and one of the great epistolary masterpieces of modern times. 

Chère Maître was first performed at Sharon Stage, Connecticut and later in New York, in London and at the Melbourne Arts Festival with Peter Eyre and Irene Worth. It was broadcast on Radio 4 as Dear Master.

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ISBN13 9781840023053
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 49

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