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ISBN: 9781783197576
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Chekhov's First Play

Dead Centre

PaperBack (01 Apr 2016)

‘I’m having absolutely nothing to do with the theatre or the human race. They can all go to hell.’ – Anton Chekhov

During the turmoil of the Russian Revolution in 1917, Maria Chekhov, Anton’s sister, placed many of her late brother’s manuscripts and papers in a safety deposit box in Moscow.

In 1921 Soviet scholars opened the box, and discovered a play. The title page was missing. The play they found has too many characters, too many themes, too much action. All in all, it’s generally dismissed as unstageable. Like life.

A new play by Dead Centre, creators of the OBIE / Fringe First winning LIPPY.

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ISBN13 9781783197576
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 88


'Multilayered, metatheatrical and full of magpie borrowings… dense yet simple… extraordinarily textured both visually and aurally.' - The Guardian on ‘LIPPY’