Page extent: 96
ISBN: 9781786820457
Binding: PaperBack

Charlie Sonata

Douglas Maxwell

PaperBack (29 Apr 2017)

Chick arrives back in Scotland for a reunion with his old mates Gary and Jackson only to find Gary’s daughter has been the victim of a life-changing car accident. The antiseptic smell of the wards, the relentless beep of the life support and the sterile hospital bed contrast sharply in Chick’s eye with the young wild-haired girl lying there unconscious; inspiring this downtrodden man to embark on a quest to save her life.

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ISBN13 9781786820457
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 96


'The eponymous figure at the centre of Douglas Maxwell’s wayward theatrical odyssey is less a hero than a heroic drunk... Yet he has the saintly quality of an innocent who sees only good in the world. Maxwell writes as if under the influence himself, his script a free-associative meander through a mind with a provisional grip on the line between past and present, truth and metaphor... this is a play struggling to forge a fairytale out of life’s disappointments. Maxwell does finally reward us with the “apotheosis” he jokingly promises, but he wades through much bitterness to get there. It makes for a dreamlike play that is awkward and idiosyncratic, funny and fascinating.' The Guardian ★★★★