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ISBN: 9781840029697
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Catching the Light: Sam Mendes and Simon Russell Beale - A Working Partnership

Mark Leipacher

PaperBack (01 Sep 2011)

Sam Mendes and Simon Russell Beale have forged one of the most successful working partnerships in contemporary theatre history. Across twenty years and eight productions their collaboration has evolved, matured and keeps thriving through their work on stage; six Shakespeare and two Chekhov plays form their common body of work so far.

Mark Leipacher’s correspondence with Mendes and Beale and his thorough research into archival material on their collaborations, offers the reader a detailed account of the productions and, uniquely, Mendes’ and Beale’s own observations on their method of work and on the discoveries they made in each of the plays. How do moments of magic on stage arise in the rehearsal room? Catching the Light, full of anecdotes and gems of knowledge, is an indispensable read for actors, directors, students and anyone who loves the theatre.

Features a foreword from Kevin Spacey, Artistic Director of the Old Vic.

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ISBN13 9781840029697
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 198


'It has plenty to teach drama and theatre students.. a very detailed account of those eight shows with plenty of insights and anecdotes as Mendes and Russell Beale chart their voyage of discovery. Read it to find out how really talented people develop moments of magic in the rehearsal room to something they can make happen on stage or to discover the workings of what Kevin Spacey in his foreword calls an ‘extraordinary collaboration’' The Stage

'Manages to get a fair way under the skins of each of his subjects, allowing us to see both the way in which they spark off each other and how this leads to epic theatre of the kind that is only very rarely seen... this book is a happy trip down memory lane but also more, since it promises a bright and exciting future as well.' British Theatre Guide

'Serious theatregoers, who love theatre and do not leave their minds at home when they go to see plays, will also get a lot out of it, and enjoy the anecdotes, too' Mature Times

Named as one of The Stage's top theatre books of 2011