Page extent: 139
ISBN: 9781840023497
Binding: PaperBack

Bright / Playing Fields

Neela Dolezalova, Polly Wiseman

PaperBack (23 Oct 2002)
Bright by Polly Wiseman
Clair is bright. Too bright. She crackles with energy. She has a flat, a boyfriend, a life - until one night she loses it all... Sectioned to a psychiatric ward, should Clair comply with the system or defy it? Is she manic, as the doctors tell her - or just too 'bright' for their liking? A play about saving your world, your wits, your spark - your life. Sometimes minds aren't lost. They're stolen.

Playing Fields by Neela Dolezalova
Thyme's with Flea, when it pleases her. Kieran festers in a world of fish'n'chips. Pete and his digi-cam are getting closer and closer. And Justin's learning curve suddenly does a 360 degrees. An extraordinary play about love, protest and growing up.

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ISBN13 9781840023497
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 139


‘Neela Dolezalova was 16 when she wrote Playing Fields. It bobs between the dreamy introspection of adolescence… and the clarity of the young, who know that the previous generation have fucked up and only they can save the world… What is interesting is its youthful optimism… you can't help feeling that… we are going to be all right’ Guardian

‘Harsh confrontations with reality... spiky, touching, and realistic… angry at the mess created by a selfish and neglectful adult world’ Independent

'A raw... evening that slowly gathers in power' Time Out on Bright