Page extent: 96
ISBN: 9781840025491
Binding: PaperBack

Break Away

Dameon Garnett

PaperBack (31 Mar 2005)
"...Do ya think you'll ever get any genuine love from them kind o' people, do you think they'll ever really accept you? Wake up Barbie! You'll never be one o' them."

Leaving behind her home in Speke, teenager Barbie Jean heads off to the sun, sea and sand of Torquay, accompanied by her best friend Stella and fun-loving, larger than life Auntie Pauline. Each wants something different from their holiday break, though boys figure high on the agenda! However, matters are complicated by an unexpected and unwanted arrival. Suddenly not only Barbie Jean's future, but her whole identity, is in question.

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ISBN13 9781840025491
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 96

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