Page extent: 96
ISBN: 9781840022698
Binding: PaperBack

Blue / ...Touched...

Ursula Rani Sarma

PaperBack (18 Nov 2002)

In Blue three childhood friends spend their last year together in the isolated sea-side town in which they live. In an effort to console their sense of worthlessness, they devise a deadly daily ritual.

Together they jump from a point where the cliffs are forty feet above the ocean. In those panicked seconds, plummeting at full force towards the sea, Joe, Des and Danny believe that anything is possible, and that their hopes and dreams may just come true...

In ...Touched... Cora and Mikey yearn for Dublin, for a life without darkness, without secrets, without despair. The young sister and brother make a pact to escape, but their flight to Dublin leads them straight into the hands of the street wise, money-hungry Macca, a horrific crime and a city that was far from the paradise they had dreamt about.

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ISBN13 9781840022698
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 96


"Fast, furious, meltingly lyrical... It's like a rasberry ripple ice cream melting in the sun, leaving a trace of blood like a clue in the sand" - Lyn Gardner, The Guardian(...Touched...)

"Ursula Rani Sarma's games and gift for language, shot-through with melodic passion, indicate that hers is a name that will attract critical acclaim in the future." - Evening Standard (Blue)