Page extent: 88
ISBN: 9781786821669
Binding: PaperBack

Big Guns

Nina Segal

PaperBack (20 Mar 2017)

At this point,

at this exact moment,

a man enters the stage.

A man enters the stage and

the man has a gun.


BIG GUNS is the prickling at the back of your neck, the faint taste of blood on your teeth, the could-be sounds of a strange figure in the semi-darkness. The YouTube clip you hope doesn’t load but can’t help watching.

Privacy. Pornography. Flat-pack furniture.

BIG GUNS is violence. Against others. Against ourselves. It’s paranoia. It’s a society living in fear. It’s the moment just – before.

Additional Information

ISBN13 9781786821669
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 88


'Nina Segal is one of our most promising young playwrights... the text to 'Big Guns' consists of a series of stories told from a voyeur’s standpoint: a diarist called M is read about in her lost journal; there’s a couple with a shared public blog; there’s a Vlog star who goes off the rails. Blurring and bleeding into each other, Segal’s stories offer an unnerving vision of a world in which the thrill of being watched and the fear of being watched are almost impossible to seperate, in which paranoia is a form of entertainment in itself.' Time Out

'Nina Segal's swirling script, almost a staged poem, draws a direct line from small acts of virtual violence to actual, all-out atrocities... Just as Sarah Kane tied domestic abuse to the extremities of war in Blasted, so Big Guns stitches our online cruelties into the real world... Segal starts microscopically, though. She writes butterfly effects into being, so that tiny transgressions ripple off into the wider world... Her debut In the Night Time (Before the Sun Rises) extrapolated from the cries of a sleepless child to the roar of riots outside, to screaming sirens...Form works hard. Segal almost writes in word clouds: voices ping-ponging back and forth, lapping at one another's sentences. Their words entwine. Images entangle. Narratives blur. Everything comes to feel connected.' What's On Stage

'Like Sarah Kane, Nina Segal has the ability to see the tree that grows from the seed, the civil war from the sordid hotel room... Her new two-hander, Big Guns, squeamishly excavates our insatiable clickbait culture and reveals the darkness that lurks in plain sight on our browser tabs. Recipes for no-bake cakes. Make-up tutorials. X-Pro II filters. Torture porn. Beheadings. We are through the looking glass here, and then some.' The Stage ★★★★