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Belarus Free Theatre: New Plays from Central Europe: The VII International Contest of Contemporary Drama

Belarus Free Theatre

PaperBack (06 Mar 2014)

The International Contest of Contemporary Drama (ICCD ) was set up by Belarus Free Theatre to encourage new writing and topromote Belarusian cultural identity on an international stage with the participation of artists around Europe. Belarusian playwrights, banned within their own country but recognised for their workoutside, have the opportunity to show their work in Belarus. It also includes the work of foreign playwrights in an international cultural context, and in which Belarus would have its place for the first time.

The ICCD has produced playwrights such as Anna Yablonskaya, Aleksey Shcherbak, and Pavel Pryazhko – whose plays have been produced at the Royal Court Theatre – and brothers Mikhail and Vyatcheslav Durnenekov who have written for the Royal ShakespeareCompany. The contest, one of the top three of its kind in central Europe, has enjoyed success since its conception in 2005, garnering critical acclaim, but was discontinued in 2010 due to a lack of funds. 2014 is the first year it has been held in a free country. In previous years it was held underground in Belarus, hidden from the authorities.BFT have now reinstated this contest, and increased the diversity of participants in order to include Belarusians who remain isolated because of the state policy on internet censorship and media control. This publication is dedicated to promoting the works of the winning playwrights, and is published to coincide with an award ceremony at the Young Vic Theatre in London.

In 2014, BFT received 523 submissions from 12 participating countries:Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, USA, Germany, UK, Israel, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Estonia. The winning plays in this collection are in 3 main categories: Best Full-Length Play; Best Experimental Writing for Theatre/Short Play; Best Adaptation of a Classic Text; plus a special award, The Tom Stoppard Award for Best Debut.

The ICCD, and Belarus Free Theatre: New Plays from Central Europe, reconnects the Belarusian people with their independent artistic voice and their cultural identity within a European context.

Medved / The Bear - WINNER Adaptation of a Classic Text

Сигналы примирения / Signals of Reconciliation - WINNER Full-Length Play

Радио Культура / Radio Culture - WINNER Experimental Writing for Theatre/Short Play

Олег Канин, Престиж / Prestige - WINNER Tom Stoppard Award for Best Debut

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ISBN13 9781783191253
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