Page extent: 88
ISBN: 9781786823519
Binding: Paperback


Tim Crouch

Paperback (20 Mar 2018)

Beginners tells the story of three families trapped in a waterlogged holiday cottage over summer. The children are bored. The adults are down the pub. So far so normal.

An extraordinary Easter Holiday show for everyone who has ever wanted to be understood.


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ISBN13 9781786823519
Binding Paperback
Page Extent 88


"One of the liveliest and sharpest pieces of theatre you’ll see this year... ostensibly about a family holidaying in Cornwall – but is really about the wafer-thin divide between childhood and adulthood. It’s a properly grown-up piece of children’s theatre that reaches across the generations, makes us laugh (a lot) and touches us all." Time Out London ★★★★★

"Beginners operates like a mischievous yet emotionally textured murder mystery, but one without a body. It investigates instead how childhood gets killed... the pleasure in Crouch’s increasingly funny play is in the way that, with designers Chloe Lamford and Camilla Clarke, he gradually enlarges the metaphysical and physical space. Watching it – and the play within the play that the children stage – we expand our belief in what’s possible." The Guardian ★★★★

"Tim Crouch’s writing is like that string of paper dolls: gossamer layers, falling open, each one interconnected...  this play is complex and nuanced, slippery and sly, frequently hilarious, densely poetic, often bewildering to my children, but pleasingly a challenge to their powers of deduction (it starts like a thriller, remember)." Exeunt Magazine