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Richard Davidson

PaperBack (22 Mar 2004)
"I'm sitting here trying to think about important stuff and you're zappin' me with lust rays - juicin' me up when I'm tryin' to focus on my English. You gotta stop that shit."

It's Jay's first day at St Peter's and two things are clear - one, she doesn't fit in and two, neither does anyone else. Everyone has a story that they want to tell: Patsy, the 'baby borrower'; Brendan, the motor-mouth perve and live-wire Lanny, who could erupt at any time. What's Jay's story and why won't she tell it?

Commissioned by Soho Theatre Company, Badnuff is a brutally funny new play from award-winning writer, Richard Davidson. It was produced at the Soho Theatre in March 2004, and starred Raquel Cassidy and David Harewood.

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ISBN13 9781840024340
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 96